Masterbatches L6 DEODORIZE


There are environmental and natural fragrances and odors that cannot be reduced with bacteria-killers. Here, the L6 DEODORIZE applies a unique formula encapsulating odors and preventing

them from spreading further. The absorbing capacity of L6 allows technical or industrial fabrics to support a fresh, serene and odor-reduced environment. The automotive industry embraces odor reduction as well as the office world…

  • L6 deodorizes and reduces both bacteria and natural undesired smells quickly. Ideal for home textiles, automotive or body wear.
  • As an odorizer, with special fragrance additives, it may also serve as an improvement to the ambient. Ask for fragrance options.
  • The Odors are bound within the Textile
  • The Odor is captured and can be released through ventilation or washing, similar to wool garments
  • Odor Particles and Molecules are attracted by L6 Nanoparticles in Textiles
  • Both Bacteria related and non-Bacteria Odors are captured
  • The ambient Odors are much reduced
  • Captured odors can be washed away or ventilated
  • Designed for Sportswear, Fashion and Hometextiles

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