Masterbatches L5 COOLING


Truly cooling our skin in hot summers and wicking our moisture away quickly is what L5 just does! Wearing this phenomenal technology activates a triple performance on the body.
L5 alone absorbs moisture (hydrophilic action), and in combination with a multilobal fiber cross section quickly transports the water microdrops away. In addition, carefully designed heat dissipating elements will help your skin cool down through human cold-sensitive receptors, leading for a lasting well feeling…
  • L5 attracts Moisture & Sweat combined with Cooling Action
  • The L5 special Polyamide Carrier brings along a tender Soft
  • Touch and distinguished Functions
  • L5 also improves Dye Capture
  • Fast Moisture Absorption
  • Parallel Moisture Adsorption
  • Immediate Moisture Transport and Release to Air
  • L5 Additives provide Heat Dissipation with noticeable Cooling on Skin
  • L5 provides a Perfect Combination of Temperature Balance and Cooling Action
  • The L5 special Polyamide Carrier convinces with Tender Soft Touch and distinguished Functions
  • LITRAX offers a variety of L5 COOLING filaments for various Applications
  • The Combination of 20 critical Design Factors creates unique Features with L5 COOLING Technology

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