Masterbatches L8 ACTIVE CARBON


For ages active carbon – or charcoal – has been used for air filters, energy, water purifiers, gardening, UV protection and other applications. L8 ACTIVE CARBON gives you a choice of 3 most popular carbons: bamboo charcoal, coffee grinds, or coconut shell charcoal. Its high effectiveness for various applications is undisputed…

  • Active Carbon Nanoparticles cover a wide range of Functions
  • L8 can be delivered with various types of Organic Active Carbon
  • L8 Additives attract and bind Odor Molecules within the Textile
  • In addition to the Reduction of Odor, L8 also keeps the Body dry
  • Active Carbon has excellent Moisture Management Function
  • Active Carbon is known to be an effective UV Protection
  • If L8 Additives are outside the Fabric, the Particles filter UV light
  • When placed against the skin, L8 Active Carbon releases pleasant FIR warmth
  • L8 combines FIR Emission with UV Protection and Odor Absorption
  • The FIR also enhances blood circulation
  • L8 ACTIVE CARBON Nano Particles are evenly distributed along the fiber or filament
  • Final Color of L8 Fibers is grey
  • During a special Finishing Process L8 Nano Particles are prepared for excellent and Permanent Functionality
  • The grey tone can be adjusted to dark or light grey, according to dosage

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