Vertical Hydroponics Tower

Starter System with 6 layers, 36 holes. 60 liter tank. Irrigation system. 36 planters. 36 net pots. Water pump. Timer. 

Hydroponics Garden Tower

Vertical towers with upto 10 layers, 60 holes. 60 liter tank. Irrigation system. 60 planters. 60 net pots. Water pump. Timer

Hydroponic Wall System
Hydroponic Decor
Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Living EcoWall System features internal automated irrigation. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces alike

Urban Indoor Garden Decor

Indoor garden system for plants, flowers, crops. Hydroponic self watering, made of recycled materials, it improves air quality, biodiversity.

Hydroponic Lettuce Wall

Start growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home. This Wall Garden allows you to grow up to 41 plants in less time than it takes in soil. No weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty Fits any wall.

The Mini Greenhouse

Grow salads like a pro with your private little green house.

Modular Vertical Hydroponics

Modular with unlimited extensions.

Vertical Hydroponic Farm

For pros and wannabe pros.

Horizontal Hydroponic Greenhouse

Saves upto 90% water.

SCALA scalable Farm

For indoor, greenhouse and outdoor.

Underground Urban Farm
TOMATO Hydroponic Farm
Vertical Hydroponic Greenhouse
Hydroponic Container Farms
SUPER SCALE Automated AI-controlled Hydroponic Farm

Super Scale hydroponic farm, which boasts 75,000 square feet of densely packed shelves, 14 shelves high, grows upto 1,000 metric tons of pesticide-free, carbon-neutral produce every year. 90% less water consumption than traditional farming.