Masterbatches L14 CONDUCTIVITY


Monitoring a patient remotedly using his bodywear as a sensor, interacting with your app, internet or smartphones,
connecting your brain to thought-transmitting devices, activating silent muscle stimulation during office hours, using your body as a battery charger, or increasing blood and fluid circulation in varicose veins. These are just some of thousands of possible applications with L14. Ultra thin plasma layers of a wide choice of conductive materials allow a glance into future, where bionic & textile design meets technology, fulfilling desires far beyond today’s imagination…
Imagine the products you can develop if a precious metal like gold had the properties of a textile filament yarn! This is no longer fiction – it is possible.

LITRAX offers plasma coated continuous filament yarns (such as nylon, polyester, viscose, silk and most high performance materials), be it mono- or multifilaments. The range which can be produced starts from a fine 8 dtex mono- or multifilament through to a coarse high tenacity multifilament. Even a friction textured HE or Set yarn can be produced and this does provide a “geometric” elasticity to a product.Plasma coated yarns cannot be compared to conventional chemo-galvanic coated yarns.

Plasma coated yarns have the following advantages:
  • Coating of various metals possible, such as: Much better washing and caring behavior
    Gold L14 – GOLD
    Silver L14 – SILVER
    Titanium L14 – TITANIUM
    Copper L14 – COPPER
    Inox L14 – INOX
    Double coating L14 – Ag/Ti (silver/titanium), etc.
  • Adhesion to the substrate is excellent
  • Precision coating according to conductivity / resistivity spec.
  • Very regular coating along the yarn
  • Total reliability of conductivity
  • Low resistivity similar to normal power and data cables
  • Can be tailored to customer requirements of conductivity
Plasma chamber coating is an ideal process management in applications where a uniform and highly reliable conductivity is very important. Hence, with L14 you can keep reaction margins of electronic components extremely narrow. L14 CONDUCTIVITY is the best alternative for designers and researchers when it comes to absolute reliability, washability and low resistivity applications in textiles of all kinds and environments.
In apparel applications there is no problem with silver or copper oxides eventually diffusing through the Gold – L14 GOLD is the only product in the world with no Ag or Cu underneath the Gold layer.
Plasma coated yarns can be custom made with the properties needed, this is quite unique worldwide. They can be processed easily on any equipment in the textile chain. For high-fashion, the L14 GOLD offers Products on the fashion side have a wonderful noble appearance – a top luxury item for golden ties, evening robe, business suits, tuxedos, smokings, bedding, home textiles, medical wear with highly sensitive electronics.

14 Features

  • Adjustable Resistivity from 10 Ohm to 0.15 Ohm/cm
  • All yarn types suitable (knitting, weaving, stiching)
  • Excellent for sensitive electric & electronic systems
  • Plasma coating options: Ag, Al, Au, Br, Cr, Cu, In, Pt, Ti, Zn
  • For non twisted, warp twisted, embroidery, special yarns
  • Keeps 80% to 91% metal after 60 houshold wash cycles


  • Circular knitting, Flat knitting, Warp knitting, Rachel knitting
  • Stitch bonding, Twisting, Covering, Braiding, embroidery, sew
  • Weaving warp and weft, Circular weaving, Narrow weaving
  • Warming garments
  • Wearable textiles
  • Textiles with sensors , shielding, power & communication
  • Protective textiles with ESD, EMF, catalysors
  • Home textiles with LED or sensing capability
  • Automotive textiles with sensing
  • BCF / Carpets with sensing
  • Therapy textiles with conductive electrodes
  • Luxury fashion (gold)
  • Defense
  • Space
  • Watches / e-watches
  • Textile clouding & computing
  • 5G on textiles M

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