Masterbatches L15 Graphene

L15 Graphene

LITRAX L15 GRAPHENE has been designed a series of masterbatches for multiple functional purposes. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice.

Graphene (GR) has been recently categorized by ISO, in order to protect you from the many fake products out there. And this is why:

The National University of Singapore (NUS) analyzed “Graphene” samples from over 60 providers from Americas, Asia and Europe.

According to the analysis most GR products / textiles worldwide do actually not contain GR: only 2% contain GR, 98% contain graphene oxide (GO) or graphite powder not properly exfoliated to GR, thus chemically contaminated powders.

ISO defines 1-10 layers/platelets of GR as Graphene, here the exact definitions:

  • 1 platelet GR: 1LG
  • 2 layers GR: 2LG
  • Few-layer GR: FLG
  • Graphene Oxide: GO
  • Graphene Nano platelet: GNP

More than 10 layers of Graphene are actually GRAPHITE !

There are several methods to create GR: by mechanical, ultrasonic, chemical, fullerene and other exfoliation or splitting techniques.

LITRAX helps you identify the ideal Graphite or Graphene application, and delivers high quality of GR. The advanced properties of GR can be harnessed for a broad range industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace, power supply, electronics, construction etc. with following application areas:

  • Lightweight composites for body structures
  • Thermal management and fast de-icing devices
  • Self-diagnosis composites
  • EMI shielding and lightning strike protections
  • Lubricants with enhanced anti-wear properties
  • Embedded electronic circuits and antennas
  • Improved coatings for corrosion resistance
  • Electronics
  • Heat dissipation devices
  • EMI shielding coatings
  • Transparent, flexible and conductive thin films
  • Energy harvesting devices

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