Masterbatches L12 PHARMA-MEDICAL


Welcome to the second skin of LITRAX. Amazing applications on the horizon. Imagine your body receives what it needs, through a gentle release of encapsulated pharmaceuticals, supplements or medicine.

Lesser or no pills. No injections. Just gentle feeding through the day or night, just like a beauty mask or a medicine pad. L12 PHARMA-MEDICAL is ideal in combination with health monitoring fabrics (L14) where patients and health-conscious people can tune their health according to their desires, gently through the skin, simply wearing L12 underwear, stockings or socks…

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The new halogen-free Swiss creation of an engineered molecule allows i.e. PA6 flame retardant (FR) fibers and filaments to be non-toxic, non-dripping, fast carbonizing and highly effective in any desired dye.
Monitoring a patient remotedly using his bodywear as a sensor, interacting with your app, internet or martphones, connecting your brain to thought-transmitting devices, activating silent muscle stimulation during office hours, using your body…
L15 Graphene

LITRAX L15 GRAPHENE has been designed a series of masterbatches for multiple functional purposes. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice.