Masterbatches L10 CAMOUFLAGE


The next stage of camouflage: Disappear in the night, stay invisible for night-vision equipment and Infrared detection – that’s the job of L10.

Tactical fabric patterns alone will only protect minimally. L10 CAMOUFLAGE goes far beyond that. The technology allows on-demand coverage of particular optical wavelengths. Near, Medium and Far Infrared invisibility and camouflage safes lives, protects in the night from dangers in tactical or dangerous combat areas…
  • Camouflage is of increasing importance in today’s drone environment
  • Daylight camouflage is typically done by specific patterns printed on the fabric
  • Such patterns do not protect at night. A human body’s infrared emits constantly and is visible by enemy night vision
  • Combat troops deserve full protection, especially at night. L10 provides exactly that protection
  • L10 CAMOUFLAGE Additives cover the night vision part of cloaking
  • The Nano Particles filter out specific optical wavelengths in order to make the wearer almost invisible by night vision
  • Typically a night vision equipment senses the infrared rays from a human being
  • The NIR to FIR (near to far infrared) waves are visualized on the display, depending on the type of equipment
  • Normal cotton or polyester clothing does not protect from being visible by such equipment
  • Depending on the body’s metabolism and activity, more or less intensive orange – or light green color is seen. Troops become an easy target
  • The spectrum or range of cloaked optical wavelengths is adjustable through a careful selected mix of L10 additives
  • Depending on country, night vision equipment covers more or less wavelengths
  • L10 can be adjusted to a custom designed camouflage, i.e. from 700 to 1200nm which covers the typical human infrared
    emission spectrum as per ISO 20473 scheme
  • Blended with a cotton or polyester combat fabric, the L10 provides night protection
  • It is important that the L10 nano particles are well distributed in the fiber and yarns
  • Such particle dissipation requires careful production and in-depth compounding expertise
  • The skin emits an NIR to FIR range of optical wavelengths
  • The intensity of activity also influences the spectrum
  • L10 CAMOUFLAGE additives focus on filtering out the NIR to FIR waves, so they cannot exit the cloth and be seen by a
    night vision equipment
  • Simple printed camouflage pattern will only protect in daylight, simulating the environment like a chameleon
  • The human spectrum of NIR to FIR waves slides through such fabrics and can be seen by night vision equipment
  • Printed camouflage patterns do not protect the troops during night activity

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