Masterbatches L2 THERMO


L2 THERMO is globally the quickest natural heating and most insulating technology with over +13° C warming up in 5-10 min. and powerful insulation beyond 4.6 clo in fiber padding or micro balls. 

This technology is widely used among medium and super large Brands for outdoor jackets, sports and running garments, yoga wear, underwear, padding, mattress ticking & covers, and tents. L2 THERMO has been used to create super light one-man tents that maintains inside warmth of +18°C with body heat only while outside temperature reaches -30°C, that is a great temperature delta of 48°C… perfect for who enjoys activities in arctic temperatures.
  • Strong Rapid Warmth through thin L2 Layers
  • Heat storage through Nano Particles
  • Instant Heat Emission
  • Achieves Warming up of +13.8°C in just 10 min
  • Great for Underwear, Sportswear, Winter fashion, Home &
  • Yoga wear
  • L2 THERMO won ISPO’s TOP 5 Fiber Innovations Award
The quick test movie shows you a laser gun measuring a temperature difference of virgin polyester versus polyester doped with L2 THERMO. The difference of temperature is also above +10° to +20°C in case both textiles are black carbon dyed, with heat enhancements depending on dosage, construction and cross section.

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