Masterbatches L3 SKIN CARE


This superb skin caring masterbatch has been genuinely masterminded for the purpose of extending the existing skin caring applications to bodywear and futuristic body-care textiles. Be it collagen, Q10 co-enzymes or other special skin repairing, caring and protecting minerals or supplements, L3 goes beyond normal skin lotions and will give your body 24/7 what it needs. L3 technology allows a re-charging for unlimited L3 SKIN CARE applications during a garment’s lifetime…

  • Release of Skin Caring Nano spheres
  • Additives include: Q10 Co-Enzymes, Collagen, Palmytoil and many more…
  • Excellent for extensive 24/7 Skin Care
  • Technology Options for Skin Healing
  • Excellent Moisturizing Effect with PET / PA polymers
  • L3 Skin Care allows a full Additive Recharge at Home
  • Designed for Home Laundry Recharge
  • Excellent Moisturizing Effect with PET / PA polymers
  • The L3 Device allows multiple Recharge in Beauty Clinics
  • Designed for many Skin Caring and Healing Additives
  • Target Applications include Face Masks, Hosiery, Socks, Scarves, Body Tights, Underwear

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