Masterbatches L11 FLAME RETARDANT


The new halogen-free Swiss creation of an engineered molecule allows i.e. PA6 flame retardant (FR) fibers and filaments to be non-toxic, non-dripping, fast carbonizing and highly effective in any desired dye.

  • L11 is a halogen-free engineered flame retardant molecule design
  • Non-dripping
  • Rapid heat & flame reduction
  • Fast carbonizing
  • High LOI percentage (Limit Oxygen Index)
  • L11 saves lives
  • Available as masterbatch chips, spinnable chips, fibers, filaments
  • Ideal for PA6 – Nylon fibers, BCF and filaments
  • For other natural or synthetic fibers and materials, please inquire for our new organic FR finishing solutions and alternative additives.

LITRAX L11 FR is halogen-free, reduces heat rapidly, is non-dripping, and carbonizes faster than any other flame retardants. Its effectiveness exceeds that of currently available FR additives. L11 flame retardant is ideal both for PA6 staple fibers or BCF (bulked continuous filament) yarns, in applications like carpets, hometextiles, underwear, professional wear, furnishing, in areas including automotive, airspace or railway. Check out the quick test video below: 

  • Textile fibers without FR agent are likely to create massive damage to humans and environment
  • Synthetic fibers ignite, burn quickly and usually continue to burn after a flame is removed!
  • Synthetic fibers shrink from the flame, melt, and often drip (DANGER), leaving a hard plastic-like bead and potentially harming victims with second-degree burns
  • The toxic content of synthetics also creates hazardous smoke that can kill people
  • Burning fabrics without FR agent will produce black smoke and hazardous fumes. Nylon smells like plastic when burnt but can also can produce a celery-like smell; Acrylics burn with a strong, acrid, chemical smell. Polyester smells slightly sweet, also with a chemical odor
  • L11 FLAME RETARDANT protects the textile, prevents such poisonous gasses, dripping or ongoing flames in textiles through fast carbonization. It saves lives
  • For other natural or synthetic fibers we offer our new organic flame retardant finishing solutions and alternative organic additives. See quick movie below:

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