Masterbatches LX DFENS


LX-DFENS is a potent and persistent defense against dangerous viruses. LX-DFENS-A protects effectively against human coronavirus (-99.99% reduction of virus activity). It also defends against COVID-19 with -97.3% inactivity in just under 10 minutes with only 3% MB dosage, and similar enveloped and non enveloped viruses dangerous to humans (ISO18184). Unlike overdosed cytotoxic “olive” copper yarns, the LX-DFENS formula is non-toxic (ISO10993-5/11) and almost colorless.

LX-DFENS is available in various categories with a formulas containing 3 combined additives with either none or extremely low (< 0.01%) silver, copper or zinc based additives in the final product, fully dyeable. LX-DFENS is available as masterbatch for virgin polyester / nylon, or renewable and recyclable polymers. LITRAX also offers LX-DFENS as non-permanent textile finishing treatment, for 40-50 washing cycles, with extremely low dosage per liter water, designed both protect environment and reduce virus and bacteria within minutes!

Whilst most viruses are not enemies or killers, mosquitoes, ticks, bats and other biting arthropods, and the pathogens associated with them, causing arthropod-borne diseases, have always been the most dangerous enemies of mankind. And COVID-19 has shown that we need more proactive defense against these enemies.
The success story of today’s 1032 viruses on our planet started about 3.5 billion years ago when life began. Newly discovered giant viruses are almost bacteria in their composition, suggesting that the borderline between dead matter and life is continuous. The success story of shielding ourselves successfully against dangerous viruses has only begun and will lead to great product developments with LX-DFENS polymers for various industrial applications and materials.
Viruses like COVID-19 spread through aerosols, small drops of moisture in the air. If corona patients in need of respiratory support are likely to spread the virus through small droplets of moisture in the air, then extra protection is needed for nurses and doctors.
This is where LX-DFENS gets in action. Viruses that land on personal protective equipment (PPE), glove, suit, jacket or face masks will be very quickly terminated and prevented from spreading further to another PPE. The LX-DFENS series might also be proposed against biologic warfare with artificially modified virus RNA / DNA. Contact us for more information!

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