Masterbatches L99 CUSTOMIZED


Thoughts become things. Tell us your wildest dream of a functional material, polymer, yarn or surface — and let us help you do it!
We assist you during the entire development process from scratch, together with a team of carefully selected and dedicated researchers and polymer experts. Edison’s idea took 10’000 failed trials until he succeeded with the light bulp. We won’t need that much time for your dream projects.

Research projects are done in various milestones and we’ll step in where you need us, right at the bottom or somewhere in between. If third parties are needed, we carefully evaluate and give you a breakdown of the entire project cost.

Get your ideas from science or discoveries like or come up with your own idea based on some research.

Here are some random project ideas:

  • Specific mineral to transform into a functional textile – explore the magic
  • Garment that captures CO2 from the environment – get greener
  • Make your shoes create electricity – your own little power plant
  • Your jacket becomes your music instrument – fun on the road
  • Underwear that shields your from harmful radiation or 6G – back to sound sleep
  • Pyjama that gives your metabolism a healthy charge over night

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LITRAX L1 series focuses on sustainable polymer materials that are made of:

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  • Waste Feedstock
  • Recycled Feedstock